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Best Camera App And Best App For Boya BYM1 Mic This Is Best And Amazing Software For You Can Use It To Record All Videos And Take Photos.

There are many features of open camera app but I will explain some features to you I hope you will enjoy this camera this is very amazing and best camera app.

Auto Level
This feature will allow you to take picture on perfectly level no matter what kind of environment you are taking picture its mean that this software will automatically adjust brightness and all kinds of settings you don’t need to do any type of setting and using this feature you can take beautiful pictures.

White Balance Control
this feature will allow you to control white balance is mean that you can also control I also seen more colour effect and all type of white balance control you will get you can easily increase brightness according to your environment this feature will you will get on Android devices.

Compatible With Boya BYM1
This feature will allow you to connect external microphone by default you will not get facility on your Android phone because when you will buy external microphone you cannot record videos but if you use this camera app then you can easily record your videos if you have external microphone on your phone.

Record 60 FPS Video
if your phone supports 60fps video then you can easily record 60fps video by using open camera app this software will allow you to take picture and take 60 FPS videos on your Android phone.

Auto Focus
by default you won’t get these type of feature on your phone but if you use this application you will get autofocus with this feature will allow you to focus all type of things which you want to focus and you can also use custom focus to get better quality.

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